Colorado Springs Just May Be the Best Place for You to Retire

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Are you approaching retirement and/or facing your last PCS? The state of Colorado was recently named the 18th best place to retire in the U.S. And with a lower cost of living than Denver, Colorado Springs is a very attractive option for retirement.

A Moving Population

According to Kiplinger, generally when people hit retirement age, they shift from saying where they live is determined by work and family obligations to saying that they feel free to live where they want. And this seems to ring true, with a recent survey by Merrill Lynch and Age Wave showing that 64% of retirees say that they have relocated or anticipate relocating during their retirement.

Retire to Health and Happiness

When people think about where to retire, there are many factors that come into play, not the least of which are proximity to family, climate preference and available amenities. Of course, the factors vary based on each individual situation. However, one thing is for certain: Most people want to retire in an area with lower cost of living, light tax burdens and quality healthcare.

In addition, in your retirement, it is likely that you want to live in a healthy area, both economically and in terms of residents being active and fit. It is no surprise that the state of Colorado and the Colorado Springs region fits the bill for many retirees!

Reasons to Retire in Colorado

According to the Kiplinger rankings, Colorado is fourth in the United Health Foundation’s senior health rankings. The state scored especially high in clinical care and positive and healthy behaviors. Colorado residents over 65 have low rates of obesity and physical inactivity. The many, many outdoor recreational options in the state, and the Pikes Peak region in particular, may contribute to the overall health of the retired population.

From a financial perspective, Colorado is also a good choice to settle down after your last PCS. The average income for retired households is $54,108, along with a cost of living that is only slightly higher than the U.S. average. The state also has healthcare costs for those 65 and over that are below the national average, as well as a low poverty rate for retired residents.

Whether you are facing your last PCS and thinking about retirement, or you are looking to the future, the Colorado Springs area is a great place for the long-term investment of buying a home. With a beautiful landscape, a plethora of outdoor recreation, access to every amenity imaginable and favorable financial factors, the Pikes Peak region just might be your retirement dream come true. For more information on buying a home in the Colorado Springs region, contact Colorado Springs Military Homes. We’re here to help!

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