Colorado Springs in the Winter

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So you are PCSing to Colorado Springs, the land of hiking, biking, fishing, and a plethora of other outdoor activities. But wait… it’s winter! Spring is just around the corner; well a few corners since March and April tend to be the snowiest months. Our landscape may look bleak and the temps may be colder than where you were last stationed, but Colorado Springs in the winter is a very special place.

Let’s start with the view

There are few other places where you can gaze up at an enormous snow covered mountain no matter where you are in the city. Pikes Peak, rising into the sky at just over 14,000 feet, glistens in the winter and is a breathtaking sight, particularly after a snow storm. The sunrise turns the peak into an array of pink and purple hues. The contrast of the deep blue sky and the stark white snow is gorgeous!


Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region have some of the most beautifully mild weather year-round. If you are feeling a bit nervous about the temperatures in the winter, yes it can get cold. One factor to keep in mind is there is very little humidity here in the Springs. Lower humidity helps to make it feel less cold, unlike areas where humidity is higher. You will hear over and over again, dress in layers. What starts out as a single digit morning can easily turn into a gorgeous day by afternoon. Although we may be in the middle of winter, a good sunscreen is a must due to the number of sunny days and our high altitude of over 6,000 feet.


Although it may be winter, many of the attractions visitors enjoy in the warmer months are still open.  Cave of the Winds, Garden of the Gods, and The Manitou Cliff Dwellings are just a few of the local attractions that are open year-round. Snowshoeing, jeeping, snowmobiling and horseback riding are some favorite outdoor winter activities for the locals. World class ski resorts are just a short 2 hour drive.


Will you need a 4WD or AWD vehicle here? That depends really on where you live in the city and how much you will be driving. The city does a good job of maintaining the main roads after a snowstorm. The side streets can get tricky and may be more of a problem. Many people put snow tires on their FWD vehicles and get along just fine. If you are planning on heading to the mountains in the winter and chain control is in force, you will need chains or 4WD/AWD to get through. Colorado has a new traction law when traveling on Interstate 70 in the winter. You can find the details on how to stay compliant here. The weather can change very quickly, so it is important to always be prepared no matter where you are driving. The Colorado Department of Transportation has put together this Winter Driving Preparedness list.


There isn’t much to do regarding landscape maintenance in the winter months. Lawns will go dormant, along with the deciduous trees and plants. You will begin to see a hint of spring arrive in February as bulbs start to peak through, but don’t be fooled. Most of the spring bloom will not happen until May. A good rule of thumb for Colorado Springs is to wait and plant your spring flowers after Mother’s Day. Waiting for spring in the Rocky Mountains requires patience, but it is always worth the wait!

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