Millennials are Seeking Colorado Springs Lifestyle

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It won’t be long before millennials are the most powerful and influential generation in America, politically, culturally and economically. And more and more millennials are choosing to make Colorado Springs their home.

#1 Increase in Millennial Population

According to a study from the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program, Colorado Springs claimed the number one spot on the list of metropolitan areas that saw an increase in the millennial population from 2010-2015.

The study defined millennials as defined as people born between 1981 and 1997. In order to calculate the increase in the approximate number of millennials living in each of the top ten areas, the study used millennial population percentages provided by Brookings and U.S. Census data on the population of each metro area. Other cities in the top ten include Seattle, WA, Austin, TX and Orlando, FL.

Millennials by the Numbers

The study revealed the following data for the Colorado Springs region:

  • Metro population: 712,327
  • Approximate number of millennial residents: 188,054
  • Increase in millennial population from 2010 to 2015: 14.7%

The Outdoor Lifestyle

Colorado Springs is known for its beautiful mountain landscape and abundance of outdoor activities. This really resonates with millennials. As a group, millennials tend to place value on experiences and having sense of adventure. Colorado Springs has no shortage of outdoor adventure! Hiking, biking, climbing and many other outdoor activities are at the fingertips of residents who crave adventure in the natural beauty of the region.

Unique Culture

As a metropolitan area, Colorado Springs has top-notch dining, an impressive coffee shop and craft beer scene and many other cultural amenities that millennials want within their reach. In addition, while the region is large in size and population, many residents feel that there is a strong small town feel. This lends to the charm of Colorado Springs for millennials who tend to want the amenities of a big city without the feeling of being entrenched in the “rat race” of city life.

Still Affordable

Young homebuyers will also find that the Colorado Springs area is still affordable, both in housing prices and cost of living. In addition, the region also boasts a low unemployment rate. According to Forbes Colorado Springs is one of the best cities in the nation for business and careers.

More than a Military Town

Colorado Springs is home to Peterson AFB, Shriever AFB, Cheyenne Mountain AFB (NORAD), the United States Air Force Academy and Fort Carson. This does make Colorado Springs a military town and does impact the high population of millennials in the area. However, there is so much to love about Colorado Springs that many members of the military who PCS here end up staying after their military service has concluded.

For more information about all the Colorado Springs region has to offer or to find the perfect home for you and your family, contact us at Colorado Springs Military Homes. We’re here to help!

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