School Is Now In Session: What’s New This Year?

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Are you PCSing to Colorado Springs and wondering where your child will attend school? Colorado is an open enrollment state. This means students can choose to attend their assigned neighborhood school or “choice in” to another public school within or outside their district. This allows for a wider variety of educational options that will best fit the needs of your child.

New schools are opening at a fast pace to accommodate the growing Colorado Springs population. Additionally, parents who are looking to enroll their kindergartner for the 2019/2020 school year, full-day kindergarten is now funded by the state.

Here is a look at two newcomers to the well rounded educational system here in our city.

Chinook Trail Middle School

In the northeast part of town, Chinook Trail Middle School in Academy School District 20 opened it doors to students on August 15th. Ideas were collected from staff, parents and students during the design phase. Chinook Trail is a project-based school where students work together on hands-on assignments. The school is custom designed using the latest innovations with learning pods and flexible use of space.

Inspiration View

District 49 is the third largest district in Colorado Springs and also one of the fastest growing districts. Inspiration View is a new elementary school for kindergarten through fifth grade in the Banning-Lewis Ranch neighborhood. An arts-integrated curriculum is the focus, including a drama department, rare for elementary schools. Students will learn skills such as lighting and sound, as well as performance skills. The school will have a dedicated pre-school room, along with space that will serve as the home for the Falcon Homeschool Enrichment program for homeschooled children.

Whether your child thrives in a traditional setting or project-based setting—whether they are more science and math focused or art focused, there are many educational choices available throughout our area. Online and homeschool programs have greatly expanded as well. No matter what part of the city you find yourself calling home, there will be many diverse educational options for your child.

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