Sunny Days in Colorado Springs

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Sunny Days in Colorado Springs

Many newcomers to Colorado Springs are surprised by the same thing when they move to the area – the relatively mild weather. Although the state of Colorado may be known for heavy snowfall, the Colorado Springs area has a high desert climate. In other words, be prepared for an average of 250 days of sunshine every year and only about 15 inches of rain. And when it comes to snow, while the region does see snowfall, it is much less than most would expect. As one long-time Colorado Springs resident stated, “We don’t see a nine-foot snowpack layered with dirt that doesn’t melt until May! The snow that does fall is usually gone within a day or so.” Read on for the details about the seasons in sunny Colorado Springs.

Mild Winters

Colorado Springs is protected by the Rocky Mountains to the west and the Palmer Divide to the north. This prime location not only lends itself to incredible beauty, but also to relatively mild winters. The average temperature in the winter months is about 35-40 degrees, with temperatures dropping into the teens at night. Areas to the south, such as those near Fort Carson, see the warmest temperatures in the region during the winter months.

It’s also important to note that the temperature in the winter months can vary quite a bit from day-to-day. For example, on Monday, the high temperature may reach 50-60 degrees and on Wednesday, the high may drop to 20-30 degrees.

Snowfall in most areas of Colorado Springs is between 42 and 68 inches, with some areas receiving a bit more and some quite a bit less.  Local hiking and biking trails are usually clear of snow from mid-April through November, but even in January there can be days where the high reaches the upper 50s.

Spring Snowfall

Surprisingly, Colorado Springs receives the most snow in March. Just as with the winter snow, however, there isn’t much and it has usually melted within a day or two.  Temperatures begin to warm up in April and May, with highs in the upper 50s and 60s during the day – perfect temperatures for outdoor activities.  The nights can still be a bit chilly, so keeping out the warm coats, scarves and hats until June is a smart idea.

Summer Fun

The summer months bring temperatures in the low 80s during the day, and nighttime lows in the upper 50s. Summer is the perfect time for camping, hiking, biking, rafting and horseback riding. Although there are a few days that will reach the 90s, you can expect most days to be extremely pleasant.

Many residents state that the summertime weather is perfect – mostly dry and comfortable with an occasional thunderstorm that lasts about an hour and evaporates within another hour.  Perfect mountain weather!

Fall Colors

With sunny days that are warm and dry and the bright reds, yellows and oranges that dot the mountainsides, fall is breathtaking in Colorado Springs. Highs are in the mid-70s during September and cool down to the 50s in October and November. In November, the nighttime lows drop to the mid-20s. Outdoor enthusiasts will be pleased to know that even though the first snowfall might happen in October, they can continue to hike, bike and fish throughout the fall months in Colorado Springs.

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